Public Records Request Filed On Burdick & Prozanski Emails

2nd Amendment Action Center has filed a public records request for certain emails going in and out of the offices of Oregon Senators Ginny Burdick… Read More »

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Senator Chuck Riley Recall Gaining Momentum


“Just like Colorado” is the phrase that is becoming the rally cry, as a group of pro gun rights advocates are in the planning stages… Read More »

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New Study Shows Ineffectiveness Of Background Checks

A new study compiled by volunteers with the 2nd Amendment Action Center proves that expanding background checks on gun sales has virtually no effect on… Read More »

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They’re Now Openly Calling For Registration

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.00.16 PM

Gabby Giffords came to Oregon on October 21st, 2014. The event was private, but media was allowed in. YouTuber Daylight Disinfectant made his way in… Read More »

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Getting To Know Ginny Burdick


For those of you who are new to Oregon’s legislative landscape, we’d like to introduce you to the most anti gun legislator in the state,… Read More »

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Jenn Lynch’s Misplaced Obsession


Jenn Lynch has an obsession. And it has little to do with stopping criminals from acquiring firearms. Mrs. Lynch is the head of the Oregon… Read More »

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Prozanksi: Only 45 Days In Jail For DUI Killer. Gun Bills Carry A Harsher Penalty.


State Senator Floyd Prozanksi, who is in an eternal race with Ginny Burdick for the title of worst Senator, also serves as a prosecutor in… Read More »

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Latest Hysteria Over “Machine Guns”


The paranoia of what people are “allowed” to own continues to drive the civil rights prohibitionists into fits of drivel. The latest piece comes from… Read More »

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Ceasefire Oregon Cheers On Collateral Damage

Do they want to see more people hurt, or are they just clueless?

A federal court has upheld the city of San Francisco’s recent ban of the sale of hollow point ammunition to civilians. You can still possess… Read More »

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