Anti Gun Playbook Intercepted!

This past October, 2013, the “Coalition To Stop Gun Violence” held a meeting to discuss their plans and tactics for the 2014 Oregon legislative session. This is where all of the gun grabbing groups in Oregon get together and scheme up new ways to advocate for “common sense” gun restrictions. Notable member organizations include Ceasefire Oregon, Moms Demand Action, Brady Campaign, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Here is the PDF file of their slideshow presentation, which goes over some graphs, preliminary information regarding the exploitation of shooting victims as it relates to public opinion, the new groups that have formed, some basic legislative matters, and, oh yeah, their plans on how they will be moving forward, which starts on page 9!

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Yes, that’s right, their whole game plan is on here. They want to catch up to their opponents in organizing, they call us a “vocal minority”, they knew ahead of time that Prozanski and/or Burdick would be introducing the background check bill, they want to target smaller towns and rural areas, and they want earned media and op eds from their buddies in the mainstream media. The “lead” is listed as Jake Weigler, who is a lobbyist and former Wyden staffer. The “organizer” is Michael DeLong, who recently relocated to the area from San Francisco and is now working for Ceasefire.

Also intercepted is a letter that one Marge Easley wrote to the Oregon League Of Women Voters, which she is the representative for as part of the anti gun coalition. She talks about the background check bill and how “it appears there has been an infusion of money to make this happen, and a very organized coalition is forming”. We’re not sure if this “infusion of money” was attempted this last time around with SB1551, or if it’s coming down the pike. (NOTE: She apparently had the year wrong, as the coalition met on October 7th of 2013, not 2011.)

 Letter From Marge Easley 

And, finally, here is a list of people who attended this meeting.


October-7-Gun-Violence-Coalition-Members Censored

Meera Bardwaj is a field coordinator for Mayors Against Illegal Guns. She travels around the country to work on anti gun campaigns. She’s currently assigned to Seattle to push their I 594. She previously worked on campaigns in North Carolina.

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