Ceasefire Oregon Cheers On Collateral Damage

Ceasefire & MDA

Ceasefire & MDA: Do they want to see more people hurt, or are they just clueless?

A federal court has upheld the city of San Francisco’s recent ban of the sale of hollow point ammunition to civilians. You can still possess such rounds in the city, you just can’t buy them there. Quick to promote this were the California chapter of Moms Demand Action and Ceasefire Oregon. What those groups apparently don’t understand are the ballistics and effects of hollow point vs full metal jacket (FMJ) projectiles.

Hollow points are designed to expand when hitting tissue, and, in turn, this limits their penetration, and the bullet usually stays inside the tissue. By forcing people to use FMJ, this increases the chances of bystanders being struck. This is because the FMJ bullets do not expand, and there is much less “drag” when they enter tissue, and they quite often penetrate several feet, depending on the caliber, charge, and length of barrel used.

Ballistic Gel

The hollow point stops about 14″ into the gel. You can see the trail of the FMJ projectile, as it goes right through the gel.

This means that if you have to shoot a bad guy in defense, the bullet will pass through them, and will hit whatever is behind them. You will also have to fire several more times, as non expanding rounds have less of a chance of damaging the central nervous system, thus further increasing the chances of hitting other people via over penetration. If you have a wacko spraying bullets in a public place, this will greatly increase the number of victims, as the bullets will go right through 2 or 3 people.

FMJ vs Hollow Point

FMJ on the left, hollow point on the right.

Seeing as how the civil rights prohibitionists are promoting this, one can only reach 2 conclusions; Either they want to see more innocent people get hurt, or they have no idea how the physics of different bullet types work.

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