Getting To Know Ginny Burdick

For those of you who are new to Oregon’s legislative landscape, we’d like to introduce you to the most anti gun legislator in the state, Ginny Burdick. She’s Oregon’s own version of Dianne Feinstein.

Perhaps her most infamous stunt was canceling a town hall and lying about it, for fear of “gun extremists” showing up and actually voicing an opinion that she didn’t want to hear. Of course she immediately went into victim mode as this story broke, claiming that the person who filmed her skipping out on the town hall was “intimidating” her.

13089851-mmmainAnother one of her proudest moments took place when she was invited to speak to students at Portland State University. Here she was filmed laughing at a shooting victim, calling for full registration of guns, insulting gun owners, inciting fear, and even claiming that guns could be purchased on craigslist.

Two days after the recent Reynolds High School shooting, she said that the parents of the shooter should be held criminally liable. So, you have a family that’s grieving over the loss of their son, their property was stolen from them, they have to live with the guilt of their son killing another family’s son, and they’re dealing with all of the other media hubub and everything else that comes with this tragedy. On top of all that, Ginny Burdick wants to put the parents in jail for a year. Of course, Ol’ Gin Gin can’t let this moment go to waste, and she somehow tries to spin herself as the victim now, claiming that she received a death threat on her voice mail, yet she has not posted any such evidence.

When she finally started actually showing up for her town halls, she admitted that her “universal background check” bill won’t stop the “gun violence,” and she seems to lack enough common sense to understand what folks’ privacy concerns are regarding said background checks.

At another town hall a few months later, she did her best to pretend like she wasn’t being questioned about the similarities between the DMV “registration” and the ATF form 4733, which all of the anti gun politicians insist is somehow not registration. Not only did she ignore the citizen, but she surrounded herself with 5 armed Portland police officers, to protect her from one guy with a camera asking a non-softball question. At that same town hall, her cohort Margaret Doherty refuse to address a question about Bloomberg’s involvement in Oregon.

BurdickGrumpyCatSmarterBut it’s not just firearms that she’s clueless about. She seems to contradict herself on economic matters as well.

As much as I wish this was all some sort of Saturday Night Live skit gone bad, I hate to tell you that Ginny Burdick really is an elected state legislator who has a direct effect on policy in Oregon.

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