Jenn Lynch’s Misplaced Obsession

Jenn Lynch has an obsession. And it has little to do with stopping criminals from acquiring firearms.

Mrs. Lynch is the head of the Oregon chapter of Moms Demand Action. She also has an MBA and touts her expertise in marketing.

Just today I went through the entire Moms Demand Action – OR facebook page, even going so far as to expand all of the “see more” links. I brought up every post since its inception in late 2012 onto one page. Presumably, Mrs. Lynch runs this page. I sought to find out what terms were the most common, what her group was most obsessed with. It’s not criminals.

After bringing up the history of every post, I searched for “crime” and found 9 total instances, 3 of which were from a preview from a link. “Criminal” brought up even fewer mentions, clocking in with 7. “Felon” was mentioned only twice, and “misdemeanor” only once. There were a grand total of 0 mentions of “Oregon Firearms Federation“, “OFF”, “NAGR”, “National Associated For Gun Rights”, “NSSF”, and “National Shooting Sports Foundation”.

So what is Mrs. Lynch obsessed with? The “NRA”. Searching for the term “NRA” netted a whopping 28 finds, with another 6 mentions of “National Rifle Association”. Add to that 15 more instances of the term “gun lobby”.

If Moms Demand Action wanted less crime, wouldn’t they be more obsessed with stopping criminals and crime, rather than target a group that, supposedly, represents legal gun owners? Wouldn’t Michael Bloomberg be better served re-allocating that $50 Million to battle crime, rather than battle the NRA? Seems as though the obsession starts at the top.

Perhaps Jenn Lynch, Michael Bloomberg, and national MDA head Shannon Watts would be respected in society if they focused their efforts on stopping criminals and encouraging stronger families and better parenting so younger people don’t turn to crime, instead of targeting civil rights organizations.

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