Latest Hysteria Over “Machine Guns”

The paranoia of what people are “allowed” to own continues to drive the civil rights prohibitionists into fits of drivel. The latest piece comes from one Mark Karlin, editor of Buzzflash on, entitled US Government Should Not Allow Civilians to Buy Machine Guns, Silencers and Grenades.

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Of course, Ceasefire Oregon was one of the first groups to promote Karlin’s hack piece of an article

In it, he mentions the rigorous process that most people have to go through for the “right” to own a fully automatic firearm, while at the same time pushing the hysteria over the fact that people can own them at all. He goes on to speak briefly about “silencers” as well, but fails to speak about grenade ownership. Obviously he doesn’t know much about this particular topic, as “silencer” is really a false term. What he refers to as “silencers” are actually called suppressors, because they do not “silence” the sound, they suppress it and lower the decibel level, but it is still quite loud.

But his shoddy article is missing some very important information. He never once mentions how many shootings have taken place where the assailant used a full auto firearm or silencer, or how many mad men with grenades started launching them into pre schools. With over 500,000 fully automatic firearms “registered” via the ATF, and who knows how many that have been user modified to be full auto, reading his article would make you think such weapons are used in shootings on a daily basis.

Equally sad are some of the hysterical comments. One reads: “Disgusting. Somalia here we come”, as if to say if we don’t immediately change these laws, then we will be knee deep in chaos next week, regardless of the fact that these laws and policies have been in place for decades. This is similar to the “wild west” statements that are often seen in the anti gun comment sections. If we’re not in the wild west or Somalia with the current laws, then why do they think we will be there in no time if things aren’t changed?


Mark Karlin, self appointed gun policy expert

His article ends with the rhetorical Bundy ranch criticisms, which is very peculiar, considering Mr. Karlin has penned several articles about the over reach of our authoritarian government. This includes pieces about the war on drugs, spy and surveillance state, an environmental activist who was imprisoned for standing up to big oil, and oligarchies rigging markets. He even wrote about a female in Pakistan who was shot for educating young girls. Some of his titles include “In the War on Drugs, Crime and Terror, We Are All Now Potential SWAT Team Targets” and “From Spying on “Terrorists Abroad” to Suppressing Domestic Dissent: When We Become the Hunted“.

With that kind of anti-government writing, one would think that Mr. Mark Karlin would be equally distrustful of a government that gets to decide who is “allowed” to own firearms.

I could find no contact information Mr. Karlin, so he could not be reached for further clarification.

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