MDA Encourages Subversion Of Legislative Process

As Oregon’s short 2014 legislative session was nearing its end, the anti gun SB1551 had suddenly sprung back to life. After being on the shelf in the Senate Rules committee for 3 weeks, Floyd Prozanski attempted to amend it with a classic gut & stuff, replacing all of the original language with a 34 page monstrosity, filled with legal mumbo-jumbo.

OAPV and MDA Promoting SubversionOf course, groups like Moms Demand Action and Oregon Alliance To Prevent Gun Violence wasted no time promoting this and encouraging people to call the legislators in a last ditch effort to get something passed, even if it meant little time for the legislators to analyze the bill, consider the unintended consequences, and get an opinion from the legislative council.

Funny thing was, no copies of the new amendments were made available on the Oregon legislature website. Even as of this writing, the amendments have not been posted. Will they ever enter public record?

Jenn Lynch

Jenn Lynch, of Moms Demand Action

So despite not knowing the language of the bill, nor disseminating any details, the anti civil rights groups were promoting this and trying to rally their people to support it. Somehow, Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian was able to procure a copy, yet these anti gun groups provided no link or other information regarding the details of the bill.

These unethical acts, shrouded in secrecy, are par for the course for MDA and similar groups.

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  • Frank Martin
    April 11th, 2014 9:22 pm

    You also may want to ask when the 39 page Gut in Stuff amendment to the bill will enter the public record.

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