Oregon Legislators Dodge Ethics Questions (VIDEO)

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Oregon state Senator Diane Rosenbaum held a joint town hall with retiring state Representative Carolyn Tomei on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014. From the get-go, the… Read More »

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MDA Encourages Subversion Of Legislative Process


As Oregon’s short 2014 legislative session was nearing its end, the anti gun SB1551 had suddenly sprung back to life. After being on the shelf… Read More »

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Anti Gun Playbook Intercepted!

Coalition Groups

This past October, 2013, the “Coalition To Stop Gun Violence” held a meeting to discuss their plans and tactics for the 2014 Oregon legislative session…. Read More »

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Who’s Having Upcoming Town Halls?


We cordially invite you to come take part in two upcoming town halls that feature a plethora of anti gun state legislators! Let them know… Read More »

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“You Don’t Know What Freedom Is” Cuban Refugee to Oregon Senate Committee


Manuel Martinez, an immigrant who escaped communist Cuba, gives an excellent testimony at the Oregon Senate judiciary committee hearing on several anti gun bills that… Read More »

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Ginny Burdick’s Greatest Flops


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Democrat Townhall Silences Gun Debate


An eastside Portland townhall put on by state Senator Rod Monroe and state Representatives Jeff Reardon and Jessica Vega Pederson falls apart as they stop… Read More »

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Rep. Doherty Town Hall, May 15th

State representative Margaret Doherty, perhaps a close relative of Jabba The Hut.

You may know state Representative Margaret Doherty as the one who brushed off the question about Bloomberg’s involvement in Oregon at a town hall this… Read More »

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