Public Records Request Filed On Burdick & Prozanski Emails

2nd Amendment Action Center has filed a public records request for certain emails going in and out of the offices of Oregon Senators Ginny Burdick & Floyd Prozanski. It has long been assumed that these traitors have been coordinating behind the scenes with special interest, anti gun organizations, while leaving the general public in the dark. Gaining access to these emails could very well reveal such.I

f they were smart, they’d be doing all of their underhanded backstabbing through emails that are not public record. Then again, if they had any brains at all, they wouldn’t be in favor of gun control to start with.

This records request is not free. There is a charge, which the legislative council cannot tell us yet. They can’t even tell us if this will be in the $20 range or the $300 range. Consider making a contribution to our organization to help cover the costs of this. You can follow this link here to our secure donation page.

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