They’re Now Openly Calling For Registration

Gabby Giffords came to Oregon on October 21st, 2014. The event was private, but media was allowed in. YouTuber Daylight Disinfectant made his way in and filmed the entire thing. Though Giffords’ speech was short, what followed was basically a strategy session by all of the area’s anti gunners, attending via invite only.

In this first video, the scariest lowlight comes at the 3:00 mark. Obama appointed D.A. Amanda Marshall makes fun of “2nd Amendment enthusiasts”, then they start to talk about removing the privacy of folks who have been through the current background check system and turning the records over to the federal government. Multnomah County Commissioner Judy Shiprack then talks about having the state legislature address the “administrative rule” that the Oregon State Police have in effect where they destroy most background check records after 5 days. Failing that, State Representative Barbara Smith-Warner suggests that they administrative rule simply be changed. Apparently it’s a problem to these people that the records are not made public or made available to the federal government.

Other lowlights include the 1:18 mark, where Susan Stoltenberg, of the YWCA, says “One of the things I’d like to see is expanded application of the exclusion of the ability to own or possess a firearm”. Current Oregon HD 50 candidate and former Gresham police chief Carla Piluso chimes next at 1:40, with her wishes to begin the anti gun brainwashing in pre school.

In the 2nd video posted, we see more of their planning. At 2:28, Amanda Marshall talks about getting county Sheriffs to enforce federal laws and “dispossess” people of guns. At 3:03, Robert Yuille says “certainly we need registration”, presumably of firearms. Mr. Yuille’s wife, Cindy, was one of the 2 victims of the Clackamas mall shooting in December of 2012. While I feel for his loss, I fail to see how “registration” would have prevented Jacob Roberts from stealing the gun that he used in that attack. The only thing registration would have done in that situation is the police would have run the serial number, and said “Nope, this guy didn’t own this gun. It belonged to ______”.

A breath of fresh air follows that, as D.A. Marshalls admits: “Truth is, more kids die every year in swimming pools than by being shot”

The 3rd installment seems to focus the talks on guns as “public health” issue. We see Vanessa Timmons, head of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, say “It’s not that all guns are dangerous, but when guns are dangerous, women die… when women die in Oregon, they die at the hands of guns”. Ms. Timmons makes no mention of the perpetrators who use the guns, she only blames the firearm. Dr. Sylvia Emory, President of the Oregon Medical Association, says “F*** Florida”, in reference to a proposed that would have prevented doctors from violating their patients privacy. UPDATE: Mz. Emory has bullied Mr. Disinfectant and made him change the original video, and now claims that she did not say “F*** Florida”. You be the judge.

What happens at 3:00 brings up an interested predicament for the anti gun crowd. Kris Billhardt, of United Ways’ Home Free program, touches on a scenario where someone would sense that someone would be feeling unstable and might want to hurt someone. She suggests that the person ask the gun owner “Why don’t you just let me hold your gun for you for awhile.” While that sounds plausible and practical in theory, if universal background checks pass, especially if they are similar to Washington’s I 594, such transfers would actually be illegal. Rep. Smith-Warner ends by saying “The more we can keep it focused on public health and on the sensible gun safety, I think the better we’re going to do.”

On purpose or not, they have actually laid out their current and future plans for gun prohibition:

a) Indoctrinate children starting at age 3

b) Get the OSP’s 5 day rule reversed, either by changing the rule internally or with legislative action, so that background check records are made public and available to the feds for indefinite periods of time. Ironically, such things would probably result in fewer people going through the background check process, because folks don’t want that information becoming public record.

c) Registration is a future step

d) Claim that it’s a health issue and call it “sensible gun safety”

e) Use public officials to insult and mock the opposition

f) It’s not a privacy issue, it’s a community issue

g) Promote the breaking of their own laws and policies that they want to implement

h) Don’t talk about other things that kill children

I) Deny saying what you clearly said on video

Meanwhile, you can contact some of the participants from this meeting at:

Amanda Marshall, U.S. District Attorney for Oregon, . (503)727-1000

Judy Shiprack, Multnomah County Commissioner, . (503) 988-5217

Carla Piluso, current candidate for Oregon House district 50, former Gresham police chief. . (503)880-4965

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